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Welcome to Guangzhou Minghang decoration engineering Co.,Ltd.
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1. Know Ming Hang

Guangzhou Minghang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guangzhou Ming Hang decoration, and also referred as GZMD) is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates GRC materials, GRG materials and FRP materials product development, design, production, sales, engineering, management. Minghang's modern factory covers more than 30,000 square meters and has a number of stable domestic and foreign partners. Minghang's business covers GRC curtain wall, GRC component, GRG ceiling, GRG mould, GRG component, GRG wall, GRG furniture, GRP furniture. Minghang's products get customers favor for its quality and aesthetic quality of the arts domestically and internationally. MingHang decoration provide customers with fully customized design, production and professional engineering solutions services. Here, customers can effectively customize their own architectural design style, Guangzhou MingHang helps customers build personalized architectural art space, and  provide full ranges of support services in the budget control and engineering quality from internal professional team.

2. Minghang core business philosophy

Guangzhou Minghang decoration takes "voyage with wisdom in essence" as core business philosophy, and devepope with "perfect quality", "aesthetic art" and "green envionment". Minghang takes "scientific and technological innovation" as company strategy and aims to become a top brand large-scale comprehensive decoration company that focus in GRC and GRG material resarch, production, sales and engineering management.

3. Ming Hang advantage

Guangzhou Minghang Decoration has the largest GRC material and GRG material production workshop in South China. It is equipped with automatic cutting and engraving equipments imported from Italy. It is equipped with the most advanced CNC machine tools in China. The mold processing is automated according to the input procedure. It adapts more better to the GRC material, GRG material decoration on the harsh product size tolerance. At the same time MingHang has the most skilled architectures and mould making enginners, then provide the most professional technical support for Ming Hang's each project .

In recent years, Ming Hang has undertaken dozens of large GRC and GRG decoration projects, covering high-end hotels, airports, churches, concert halls, museums, opera houses, landscape, etc., such as Sanya mangrove hotel GRC curtain wall project, Sanya Phoenix international airport GRC curtain wall project, Sanya Atlantis hotel GRP modeling landscape project, Guangzhou Lingnan resort GRC curtain wall and GRG wall, GRG ceiling project and so on.

Guangzhou Minghang decoration actively responds to General Secretary Xi Jinping's "promote green development, and strive for better quality" development concept, remember the core business and management philosophy, struggles to build a first-class and modern GRC, GRG decoration company.