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What is rockery?

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What is rockery?

Now in order to beautify the garden environment, rockery is applied very widely. Rockery is divided into a lot of species, some of the use of natural stone piled up, and some are the use of concrete and other materials made of artificial, Guangzhou Minghang is good at producing all kinds of rockery, and can introduce the rockery for everyone.


Rockery show

The rockery in the rock of the stone is relative to the natural form of "true mountain". There are two kinds of rockery materials, one is the natural stone materials, only in the artificial piling, the cement as cementing material to concrete as a basis; there is a cement mixed mortar, steel mesh or GRC (low alkali Degree of glass fiber cement) for the material, artificial plastic turning molding rockery, also known as "plastic stone", "plastic mountain". Rockery is a rockery, the main way to distinguish is to see is artificial, or natural, and plastic rockery is just one of many rockery.

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