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Collocation points of rockery in landscape

source:Guangzhou MinghangRelease date:2017-10-12 19:31:11browse:1518

Collocation points of rockery in landscape

A good plastic stone rockery manufacturers, not only to know how to manufacture rockery, but also very understanding of the landscape. So as to be able to mix the stone rockery and other landscape with the place in order to meet the requirements of customers as much as possible. After all, rockery is just some stone fills, in order to create a mountain feeling, or need some time. On the stone and rockery landscape with the following points to introduce you.


Rockery in landscape

1. Stone rockery itself to have primary and secondary points, but the main mountain and other mountain style, texture and other characteristics to be consistent. The steep side of the mountain on both sides of the best to be significantly different, the formation of a dynamic situation; there are rocks to high and low, giving a mixed feeling.
2. In the shape of rockery to pay attention to open and close, open is the starting point, together is the end. Li Feng is open, the slope is the foot; mountain is open, mountains are together. General garden rockery layout are composed of 3 to 4 opening and closing, opening and closing of the alternating, you can make the rock show rhythm rhythm.
3. The dew of the dew, the possession of the possession of possession. This will give people a sense of exposure to nature, in the garden, but can feel the natural feeling.
4. Well and proper. In the garden rockery modeling layout, the mountain chiffing pattern, the location of the peaks, plant embellishment, comedy configuration, etc., have to do density caused. Usually, the main area of the garden rockery is the most dense area, the mountain is densely packed, the trees are planted densely; and in the peak part is relatively sparse.

5. the actual situation and health. In the art of rockery, the actual situation refers to the realm of art, but also refers to the art of handling techniques. The so-called art realm refers to the real landscape (known as the reality) of the far-sighted mood (known as the virtual environment) and the rockery. The so-called art of the actual situation refers to the garden rockery show the void and reality.

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