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The factors decide the unit price of GRG component

The factors decide the unit price of GRG component

    What are the factors that decide the unit price of  GRG component? This is the GRG manufacturers are often asked by customers. Because for customers, if they do not often do GRG products procurement or related GRG decoration work, do not know how to GRG products pricing. Here we as GRG manufacturers, there is an obligation to do a knowledge of the work. Here we come to a detailed introduction:
    GRG products are not finished or conventional products placed in the building materials store or building materials store which is usually sold. GRG manufacturers will require customers to provide the relevant items of AutoCAD drawings, size specifications, color requirements, texture requirements, and then GRG manufacturers related personnel will be based on the drawings to show the size, shape, etc. to assess the production of GRG products required mold costs , Raw material costs, processing difficulty, installation difficulty, surface treatment costs and so on. This together with the packaging and shipping costs, as well as reasonable profits and taxes to get a basic GRG offer.
    In summary, GRG price is not fixed, GRG products, the unit price mainly by the mold costs, raw material costs, surface treatment costs, labor costs, packaging and transportation costs.

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